They actually did something right for a change.

Paul Joseph Watson | - SEPTEMBER 12, 2019

The European Union has been branded “fascist” for having the temerity to to create a United Nations role called ‘Commissioner for Protecting our European Way of Life’.

How dare they?

“The new role which will oversee immigration policy was announced by incoming EU commission president Ursula von der Leyen,” and will be filled by Greece’s EU commissioner, Margaritis Schinas, reports Zero Hedge.

Leftists immediately reacted with outrage, completely apoplectic that anyone would wish to protect western culture.

“This looks like the portfolio to fight back against the rise of the fascists, but only by adopting their divisive rhetoric around ‘strong borders’,” British Green MEP Molly Scott Cato told The Independent.

Liberal Dutch MEP Sophie in ‘t Veld told the newspaper, “The very point about the European way of life, is the freedom for individuals to chose their own way of life. We do not need a Commissioner for that, thank you very much.”

She went on to describe the idea that “Europeans need to be protected from external cultures” as “grotesque.”

Veld claimed that populist leaders in Europe were the only real threat to “our way of life.”

In other words, the globalist European Union is being savaged by the left for one of the few positive things it has ever done in its entire history.

It’s completely acceptable to encourage the protection of every other culture in the world, apart from western culture, which is inherently bad and evil.

In which case, why are people from all those other cultures so desperate to come here?


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